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Congress Information

1.         INVITATION


The Government of Turkey and the Turkish Chess Federation(TCF), have the honor to invite all ICCF member Chess Federations around theworld to participate in the ICCF Congress 2010, which will take place inKemer-Antalya, Turkey, between October 2, 2010 (arrival) and October 9, 2010 (departure).


TCF aims to organize an excellent event with your participation. 





2.1 The deadline for registration is 1 September 2010.


2.2 The registration form must include the Federation, surname, first name,and the passport details of every person.  It must also include the name, details andphone number/ address/ fax / email of the head of the delegation.  An identify photo is required for hotelsecurity purposes.  If possible, pleasesend a (2x3 cm) photo of each participant with the registration.  We will also have provisions at the hotel tohave your photo taken, but there may be a slight delay in hotel processing ifyou wait until arrival.


2.3 All the travel expenses to and from the Antalya airport must be paidby the participants or their Federation.


2.4 Each delegate and each accompanying person must pay 100 € (Euros) deposit of the hotel price(per person) at the time of their registration (before 1 September 2010).  This payment is compulsory and represents aconfirmation of participation.  If thereservation is cancelled before 1 September, the deposit will be returned.  If the reservation is cancelled after 1 September,the deposit is not refundable.


2.5 TRAVEL DETAILS.  The venue is theLimra Hotel ( Kemer, Antalya.  The venue is 70 kmwest of Antalya Airport.  Antalya is a verywell known tourism city, and has a large number of charter flights from mainpoints of Europe.  Another way to come toAntalya is via Istanbul.


There are daily 20-30 flights connecting Istanbul Atatürk Airport to AntalyaAirport.  On the following websites,you may get more information for domestic flights in Turkey and you may makeonline registrations.  We propose to ourguests to book with Turkish Airlines, and arrive via Istanbul.


Transportation to and from the Antalya airport to the hotel isdifficult.  Taxi’s are frequent, butexpensive (~80 €) one-way.  The city busis less expensive (~8-12 €), but is very complicated with several buschanges.  It is not recommended forpeople not familiar with the Turkish bus system. People taking the room withouttransfer should come to the hotel by my selves by using taxi or going first tobus terminal by using the airport bus and then to the hotel by using a normalbus from terminal.

TCF will provide transportation from the Antalya airport to the hoteland back (70 € two-way) if the participants requests transportation. 



3.         PAYMENT


3.1      BANK TRANSFERS.  When registering for any participant, theabove amount of 100 € (Euros) per person must be transferred tothe following account: 



Bank Name:            TurkiyeIs Bankasi

BranchName:         Ankara

Addres:                     Ulus – Ankara

AccountHolder:      Turkiye Satranc Federasyonu


IBANEuro:               TR500006400000242003881023          




Allbank commissions should be paid by sender, although even if it is paid by the sender,there is usually a transfer cost on Turkish side (18 € (Euros) for eachtransfer), this will be charged to sender.


3.2CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS.  All payments mayalso be made through the online secure web site of the TCF by credit card.  With this form of payment, the sender doesnot need to pay any transfer fee.  Wepropose that individuals visit our website at formore details.


3.3 As soon as the payment transfer is confirmed, the organizingcommittee will send to applicant the confirmation of the hotel reservations.  In addition, all confirmed registrations wouldbe declared on the official website, where participants may verify theirregistration status.




4.1 All inclusive accommodation will be offered in the hotels in Kemer-Antalyabooked by the organizing committee.  Internet access in rooms is available butpoor quality.  The Internet access in thelobby is working, but not very fast.  TheTurkish Chess Federation will be providing their wireless systems throughout thehotel and will be open and free of charge for all users.


4.2 The accommodation charges must be paid in advance.  The payment must be in Euros.


The hotel offers an AllINCLUSIVE format.  Please review theattachment for a description of services included. 


Hotel Limra & Limra apartments 5 stars


Single Room     : 80 € per day, per person


Double Room   : 50 € per day, per person


Triple Room       : 45 € per day, per person


Children (0-6 years old) Free


Children (7-12 years old)%50



Rooms will be booked on the principle of FCFS (First Come FirstServed).





Please check the following link for information about visas:


5.1 Federations or participants who need assistance with their visas areasked to contact the Organizing Committee before 1 September 2010.


5.2 The Organization Director will supply official letters of invitationif requested by the participant.





In October, the weather of Antalya is warm and around 30º C, howeverthere may be rain showers during this time. We propose to all participants to have a raincoat and some protective clothing.



7.         ELECTRICITY


The standard voltage in Turkey is 220 Volts.  The plugs used forappliances are twin round plug.





The Director of Organization: Mr. Melih SAGIT

Phone: (+90) 309 75 94 / 119 Fax: (+90)  312 310 96 20

Mobile phone: (+90) 549 722 62 63

E-mail: Bu e-Posta adresi istenmeyen postalardan korunmaktadır, görüntülemek için JavaScript etkinleştirilmelidir.    Bu e-Posta adresi istenmeyen postalardan korunmaktadır, görüntülemek için JavaScript etkinleştirilmelidir.

 Turkish Chess Federation 2010