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The Congress is Over
The Correspondence Chess Congress 2010 is held in Limak Limra Hotel in Kemer-Antalya. Total of 64 participants from 20 countries participated in the closing dinner with the presence of Ali Nihat Yazıcı, the President of Turkish Chess Federation. In his speech, he mentioned that he is very happy to organize this congress here in Kemer Antalya and he desires to do ICCF Congress 2011 in Turkey again. He also expressed his great pleasure to being host for this distinguished organization and presented the memorial plates  to 16th World Chess Champion Tunc Hamarat and ICCF Predisent Eric Ruch.

Blitz Tournament winners Per Soderberg, Tansel Turgut, Mark Noble and Raymond Boger are also received the special awards from Ali Nihat Yazici during the closing banquet.

Raymond Boger's Photo Gallery
Per Soderberg Won the Blitz Tournament
One of the activities of the congress was the blitz tournament, ended late on Tuesday 5th October. 13 rounds played over the system round robin. Per Soderberg from Sweden won the blitz tournament with total 11,5 points. Tansel Turgut(TUR) and Mark Noble (NZL) finished it in the second and the third place with 10.5 points. 

Norwegian Raymond Boger started very well but he lost some important points at the end of the tournament, he got the 4th place with 10 points. The first four will take some presents in the closing day on Friday.

Chess Match with Local Players

dsc07230.jpg dsc07233.jpg

During the congress which is ongoing in Kemer Limak Limra Hotel, correspondence players met with the local players from Antalya in one single team match. As a result of it, the Antalya Team won the game with total score 14-7. PGN


Blitz Tournament will be at 20:30.
Congress 2010 is started

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The Correspondence Chess Congress 2010 is organizing in Kemer Limak Limra Hotel between 2nd to 9th of October 2010. After the opening statements of 16th World Corresponce Chess Champion Tunc Hamarat and the World Chess Federation President Eric Ruch, the congress started with total 64 participants from 20 countries. Tunc Hamarat thanked to the Ali Nihat Yazıcı, President of Turkish Chess Federation for making the congress to be done in Turkey. Hamarat gave important information about the history of the region and talked about the Turkey’s achievements in the correspondence chess. After the President Eric Ruch’s speech, the congress officially began with the participation of sixth World Correspondence Chess Champion Horst Rittner, eleventh World Correspondence Chess Champion Fritz Baumbach and Tansel Turgut who is a major candidate for 24th World Correspendence Chess Championship. On the fifth day of the congress, simultaneous demonstration participants will meet with GM Kivanc Haznedaroglu.
 Turkish Chess Federation 2010